Creating healthy change through body, mind, and spirit

Creating healthy change through body, mind, and spirit

Why Choose Breathe Yoga

Why Choose
Breathe Yoga

At Breathe Yoga, students receive one-on-one attention in group and private teaching sessions. My goal is to help each student enrich their own personal practice through breath, alignment, mindfulness, and most of all safety. My classes will include a little history, a bit of Sanskrit, and a variety of breath work and asana postures to help you develop your own practice. Body awareness and exploration are encouraged and broadened with body and spirit.

My yoga mat has been a haven for me over the years. Perhaps, it may develop into a sanctuary and refuge for you as well.


Breathe Yoga

Yoga Benefits

Ease & Reduce Pain

Improve Flexibility

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

breathe yoga with barb

Increase Muscle Strength

Sleep Better

And So Much More

Yoga is for EVERY body, EVERY age, EVERY gender, EVERY background. No matter where you are starting, Yoga is for you.
Your world is about to

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